Saturday, October 11, 2008

persembahan silap..gig Ep lunch by yuna

yuna life at klpac tomorrow
ticket price : RM 25(entrance + EP)
time : 3-6 pm(so u cna perform zuhur pray then after finish continue wit asar)
opening band : by sundae and otam

lets ebelibody come and suport the fist eva lunching her Ep
be the first to get her EP(make by hand..hand of yuna can bring to the bed) come to klpac foyer..can bring ur mum ur papa and oso ur grandma n granda so they can shacking together n havr some exercise..hohoho

for more enquiry or question..can contaact me or juz go througt yuna myspace..


wit lemang,ketupat and kuih raye inside our stomach..

been busy lately..hohoho..or supose to be busy for dis tyme being.. as a student..being tahfiz memoirse everything inside da book yang kadan-kadang we dunno wut we r memories..but wut to do..dis is about the educational system..juz give n take..hahahahaha

for dis tyme i want to take dis oportunity to wishh all of uni student espoecially UNITEN student..or more specifically my house member..

selamat menyambut bulan memerah keringat otak


oh..lupe plak sebenarnyer dis post i wanna to highlight and greet welldone bcouse our first win with new ball (idea eyo beli bola..abes duit kiterorg) and da best thing is clean sheet(shit) bcoz of not loose any to molok...yeah dat fat fosfolipid best frends..=p


as usuall..becouse of not training n warming up for a long time(i think dekat sebulan)so our team all 'sehat sehat' n had a lemang,rendang n kuih raye inside our stomach n sume berat2x..

so no wonder lah all juz joging2 n laugh all da time looking to our stupidity..hahahaha

but one think..

but cool..stil can won 4-0 hahaha..
scored by -bro

n one think..

i proud to have second yellow card even i played very the sopan...


aku hengat refferee dengki lah

wut do u think??


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

boxes??dot??or a lane??


dot or boxes?

kadang-kadang kite melihat seperti himpunan titik-titik..
tapi sekali atau dua kali tgk umpama kotak-kotak..
atau ada sesetegah melihatnya umpama satu laluan yang semakin menurun..

ape yang dilihat adalah intepretasi diri kita terhadap sesuatu..
dari pancaindera kite kita mentafsirkan sesuatu dari keupayaan pemikiran..

sama ade dot or kotak ataupun lane...sume itu boeh jadi betul atau salah..
yang penting adalah samaada kita yakin tntang ape y kita rase btul..maka suatu detik kita akn tahu kebenarannya...

itulah hidup!!

back from a month of hibernation

hey everybody..
long time no see...yeah very long2x tme since before raya...ohh nope..before puasa lagik..
juz been busy wit torn of work n 'bwat2x' busy for dat time being...

actually all university student is inda period of exams n tests...juz been a month lot of thing happen latly..either in national or at kampung2x...
yeah juz came back from uniten...return early today becouse of raining...supose to be i got lab to do..but since raining..the lab jus be canceled on da spot...

arrived at the ma lappy n go to ma favourite malaysiakini..

why??teenagers must know da local politics such thing of politik just for 'org-org tua'....we r da teenagers..da generation dat lead our beloved malaysia in da future...this politic thing must be 'wajib' know wut happen ryte now...

by the way..the news today was d abest news eva since the election on march...our prime minister lastly put out white flag and make a decision not to defence the presiden of united malay national organization as known as UMNO...

dunno either its a guwd nes or not..but this remind me of mufti perlis wrotein his poem last month about his hope that our new prime miniter is not worse then ryte now...yeah mybe personally his said of najib that supose to be prime miniter..

yeah..we know dat najib have lotz scandal n still wit altantuya scandal....

but who knows tomorrow??everything is possible..

hope for the best to my beloved country names malaysia....

glory glory to malaysia.....

hope n rily hope for a better malaysia...

*jus suddenly want to write in english..sorry for the typo n lack of vocab