Friday, September 12, 2008

raja petra was arrested

pengendali laman web malaysia today,raja petra kamarudin ditahan ISA pada pukul 10 pagi tadi...

wah wut da heck malaysia now..
cube untuk tutup mult dengan undang-undang rimba..
takziah pada isteri dna anaknya..

sesungguhnya rakyat malaysia sentiaa emnentang sebarang undang-undang rimba...

Monday, September 8, 2008

till now

malam tiba
jiwa kosong tak terkata
runsing akal tka bernyawa
kekangan rasa menyekat masa

wut da heck is dis..

go far from me..*sigH*

wut supose i do??

the more i try to forget the more i thinking bout it

Sunday, September 7, 2008

we are serumpun

seminggu yg rily meserable..but by the end of this week it was great n happening week eva...hope to be one of most greatest moment i had in ma life..

starting this week wit fasting on 1st september..pergh..rase cam not ready yet untuk pose..mybe aku aje yg feel csmtuh..supose dah ready n rase a auro of pose..yelah all a syaitan n jahat oredy kne tngkp mask nerake..but dunno why..mybe dah jadik one of dat setan..hahahar..kiddin'..

at malaysia,first day puasa means dat we all cuti..then for dis whole day tido lyke ma self melekat kat tilam wit very kuat glue..konon2nyer letih pose lah..tpi kind aletih juga cuz maklum lah lame tak puase i guest..n means dat ramadhan started means lotza azarr n food....yeah..banzaii..but not mean ramadhan is juz a holidap n bazar it give us lotza meaning and as a muslim we should know all da thing hapen during ramadhan since the prophet muhammad tyme..recite quran and all da good stuff..

secoond of puasa,got buzz from yoy at ym...tak pernah2 mamat nih buz,,n if he buzz sure ade sumting..tpi tkpelah..dah kawan juz layan aje even double trouble hectic dat day wit bird aroud my head bcoz of damn hard test in da evening..upe upenyer he asking a help to be a guide dis thursday for singaporian student..acct poly student...i mean poly singapore not malaysia poly..

but da prblem is time..hohoho..i got another test on thursday whch is agme i request him to gimme tyme untuk lewat sket g..he just said ok bcoz of takde org nak handle cuz sume busy-ness wit test n malas cuz tyme pose..

thusrday,4th sept,4 pm=finish all da test,soklan kacang aje rugi i felt cuz burn midnyte oil n tod dat quest very da susha..upenyer kaang aje*riak* call from yoy asking me to waiting at civil lab..untuk bawk dernag jenjalan pusing2 uniten yg well known bcoz of sodomy case..huhuhu..firstly on my mind tod dat


tpi upenyer aku salah beb..malu siak..upenyer derang nih gerek jugak(borrow singapore word) layan jela kepale pun derang cam tka btul bawka derang pusing2 uniten n one thing derang rily lyke tngkp pic even kat tepi tangge or kat dlm hujan pun jadik..dunno why..mungkin adrenalin tuk tgkpa pic tuh tinggi..hahahahr...

jam oledy shows 5 pm so derang need to balek to their hotel..wehter=rainy..n i tod is end of meetting them..feel a litle bit sedih cuz derang cam besh n xleh blah..tpi tke lah sampai nanges..then befor i drive balek rumah shuhairy call me n ask me to accompany him to kl esok nyer untuk join derang visit2 kl...hati kecil nih hapie2 cuz da lame tka hang out almost a month cuz jadik nerdy bocoz of damn test..hohoho...

hapie to have a new fren lyke father,bear n sume2 yang cambest..pusing2 kl n visit skybridge jalan masjid india all manyak tmept menarek laen aroud kl..then next etination is uniten..dlm perjalanan to uniten i kenal wit one indonesion guy but study at singapore..dimitry his name.agak terkejut cuz he know da malaysian politic..hahahalucky i rily like politics..he know all paklah yg ak bagud tuh till anwar ibrahim..n also do racist comen from umno leader at penang..bvuz of dat we be a frens yg besh...

then after short visit to uniten watching robogames..then pusing2 putrajya b4 bukk pose..gile weh derang nih..freaking of taking pitcha make me very2 terkejut one.but if i one of too..i will be lyke them..hahahaa...hahaha

orady starving.n nearly bukk pose seafood restaurant..actt not a very good retaurant but persekitaran yg cam kowl..i can bring them to a better place

hehehee..tpi ok lah fo puasa n agak malu makan manyak2 cuz of i sit beside thri kne ayu gitu..hahaha...afte berbuka we playing games called gotcha n cocentration tell u..derang nih memang manyak game n kate2 semngt..ape2 aje ade jer song erang..tak reti2 dok diam derang nih..hohoho..they play ame lyke tka nak kalah n rilt sporting..dis will make me mish of them..hhahaha..

after dat game ade ucapan sket then abes..dat the part yg i paling benci n tka ske..kinda sedy gak but distance cannot make us separable..hahahastill can contact via mail n phone..dat wut we all do.....

i will keep dis swit emory with them all da tyme..fathin,ira,syaza acha,the twins,dimitry n his indons buddy,bear,boy n all of them tak ingt all name..sowi guys..

looking forword to visit singapore too...syaza dah promise nak bwak jenjalan there..siap eh u more pendiam person k....=p

i jus tod if tde so called penjaha in nusantara..mybe now malaysia singapore n indonesia is still one nation..damn british n dutches....

even we r fron diff country but we still malay n still have a similarity dat is....

''we are serumpun''

so long so not good (^_^)v


eh should i start my block wit salam..assalamualaikum.
as i bukk myblog saw dat the last date i post a coment is about nerly a month ago..damn..busy(konon2 nyer lah)
tak sempt to wish u all hapie merdeka day and hapie ramadhan.

have some problem dat tyme n im not able to online.sungguh sedih..


maseh sempt if i greet congrate to both chong wei and anar ibrahim for their achievments..

now ching wei dha become dato' eh??easy to get even tka yah belaja..wut to do..hukum dunia kan kan kan...

now oredy 7th september..9 days it ade kejutan at 16th september..all eyes now at de factor leader,anwar wut do u think??